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Attitude, Actions or Appearance?

Another non-stop weekend has me (already) feeling exhausted this Monday. I kicked off the weekend on Friday with a 10 mile run along the beach after work. My buddy Ryan joined me for most of the way. I was thankful for that. It’s so much easier to run with a partner. It felt good but, needless to say, I called it an early night.

Then came the fun stuff. Saturday morning involved a 7am start to head over to Boy Scout Camp Elmore to participate in the C.O.P.E. Program Instructor Training, directed by my long-time friend Alex Gomez (let’s get real though, everyone just calls him Gomez). Just some quick background, C.O.P.E stands for “Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience” and consists of group initiative games, trust events, and low/high course events (i.e. ziplining, wall climbing) all in attempt to challenge participants as a group while developing individual skills and emphasizing eight major goals: communication, planning, trust, teamwork, leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, and self-esteem. Our group of eight (inclusive of another long term friend, Trevor) spent two entire days getting to know each other, learning about safety precautions, how to properly use equipment and manipulate the course, doing occasional handstands and, of course, playing Hug Tag (Note: if you have never played Hug-Tag, please contact me immediately for a demonstration). The whole thing was a new experience and something outside of the norm and, as you probably already know, I’m constantly looking to get involved in things outside of the norm.

During one of our reflective discussions Gomez imposed a question for debate. What do you think holds more weight: attitude, actions, or appearance? There’s no doubt that these three A’s all go hand-in-hand. Actions speak louder than words. The old saying exists for a reason. No one will ever believe a word you say until you back it up with an action. Give them some tangible evidence to support your claims. On the flip side, however, it is your attitude, after all, that drives your actions. So without that positive mental attitude (or “PMA” as Gomez likes to call it) there will exist no positive actions. And then what about appearance? We all have bad days where that PMA seems completely unattainable. It would be inhuman for every one of us to be cheerful and smiling 100% of the time. But what if you can fake it for the sake of those around you? Is it really just the appearance of happiness and optimism that matters?

Just something to think about as you start your week. I would love to hear your various thoughts and opinions on this. In the meantime, a few photos from the weekend. Happy Monday!

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