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Ah, the first post. Feels reminiscent of a first date sans awkwardness. So what do I plan to blog about? It’ll vary. But my main intentions are to share with you my perspective on everyday life experiences and, hopefully, provide some motivation and laughter along the way. Be prepared for a lot of health-centric posts. I live and breathe fitness and an active lifestyle.

I just returned from a two week journey through Thailand with two of my childhood friends. Epic is an understatement. We covered the entire spectrum, beginning to end. From raging all-night beach parties and jumping through rings of fire to locally hosted traditional cooking schools and animal adventures at elephant sanctuaries, we experienced all that Thailand has to offer. What a thrilling experience it is to escape your comfort zone and see the way others view our world. Travel bug? Most definitely. Remind me to schedule major getaways like this one from time to time.

Here are just a few shots from the trip.

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